Process: Live Slow, Die Old design

Live Slow, Die Old - White

Here’s a bit about the process behind this shirt. Some time last year, I was asked to do some concepts for a bicycle brand. A bit back and forth, and a somewhat weird process made my stick to my guns and pitch an idea with skeletons with helmets. I guess it didn’t really hit the mark over there, because I never heard back from them. That is, unfortunately sometimes the reality when you work in this business. Anyway, I was keen on the idea, and brought it forward to my own brand.

The initial drawings were made with ink on paper, and I later refined them on procreate on an ipad pro.

Three of the sketches

Three of the sketches

Some of the mockups I sent (I removed the company name).

I’m still keen on the more wonky drawn skeleton, a bit of a shitty skeleton with a helmet, big on a shirt. But that’s something for later maybe.


The first thing I did was turn it into a patch of my own making, this one:

"Live slow, die old" woven patch
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The rest of the process of turning this thing into a T-shirt is transparent in this video timelapse:

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