Lowbrow Apparel

Lowbrow is a small operation, designing apparel for a niche market. The apparel is designed by Robert Høyem, out of the small costal town of Bergen, Norway. Check out more of Roberts work on www.roberthoyem.no

We make our own designs, and aim to do high quality apparel in low quantities.


  • What is your shipping policy?

We ship in the mail, right to your door. The package usually ships within 3-5 days. Keep in mind that this is a one man-job. Pop us an email if you have any questions! We ship as regular mail (not registered).

  • I am in deep regret, and want to return my stuff - what do I do?

All sales are final.

  • I’ve ordered some stuff, and it’s not arrived yet - help!

Sometimes stuff gets lost in the mail, but sometimes thing takes it’s time to arrive, depending on where you reside in this world. If you’re still confused, pop us an email, and we’ll figure something out!


For the time being, this is the only place where you can get our stuff.

Prices and policy

We aim to produce high quality garment in limited quantities. We do the design and marketing ourselves, and take care of every aspect of the business except printing. The printing is usually done by one of our trusted printers in the UK. All though it might seem futile, it is a point for us to both produce low quantities, keep the operation small and make sure that the garment is produced by a legitimate factory. The prices for shipping out of Norway is unfortunately high at the moment, so we would advice to go together and order in bulk if you want to keep the price down. The upside is that the money goes into new designs and print, and you usually get a pretty unique shirt.

  • Can you print our patches / T-shirt etc?

Nope, we can not. We’re not a pressing plant.

  • Can you make a design or illustration for shirt / patch / poster etc?

Yes - but please visit roberthoyem.no and pop a mail from there.

Photos of people, very often by: Sigurd Ovesen